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Her Yer Müzik Vol.3” Between “May 13 and 15”,“Friday to Sunday”
   Once again, every corner of Kanyon will be brought to life with music.
At the festival that will be held for the third time as an event that has already earned a spot on the musical calendar of Istanbul different music genres will be played for Kanyon guests with alternative interpretations.
The "Kanyon’da Her Yer Müzik Vol.3" festival, which will be held for the third time and is already a tradition, has claimed its place on the music calendar of the city. The festival, prepared with IFCA's music counseling, will be presented for guests in various areas of Kanyon and will host many different performances. "Kanyon’da Her Yer Müzik Vol.3" will host famous musicians like Model, Pinhani, and Jehan Barbur in addition to both young talents and popular names of the alternative music world.
Star guests of the festival's main stage will be Model who mesmerizes its fans with every performance, Jehan Barbur with her unique voice and interpretations, and Pinhani, who achieved great success in a very short time. Barış Demirel , adding his soul to his music, Can Gox with his admirable voice and songs, and In Hoodies with all the originality of their melodies and sound will take their places on the main stage of "Music is Everywhere in Kanyon".
Apart from the main stage, the joy of music will be spread all over Kanyon with special performances in different areas. Young star Gökcan Sanlıman who sings his own songs very successfully, Kahraman Deniz who touches your soul with his songs, Can Güngör with his different rhythms and warm melodies, Palmiyeler with their happy melodies and unique music, and Sena Şener who is destined to be famous will take the stage at Intersport, Kanyon Terrace, Joint Idea, Wagamama and D&R respectively and you can also follow different notes of music with the colorful repertoire of Brassist in different corners of Kanyon.

"Kanyon’da Her Yer Müzik Vol.3" will be the meeting point of contemporary music in Kanyon between May 13 and 15!

All activities are free of charge.


Friday, May 13th    
04.30 PM - D&R  Sena Şener
06.00 PM – Intersport Gökcan Sanlıman
07.30 PM – Main Stage   In Hoodies
09.00 PM – Main Stage   Pinhani

Saturday, May 14th   
03.00 PM – Kanyon Teras   Kahraman Deniz
05.00 PM – Wagamama   Palmiyeler
06.30 PM – Main Stage   Can Gox
09.00 PM – Main Stage    Model

Sunday, May 15th   
02.00 PM – Macrocenter  Brassist

03.30 PM – Main Stage   Barış Demirel
04.30 PM – Front of Aeropostale Brassist

05.00 PM – Main Stage   Jehan Barbur
07.00 PM – Joint Idea    Can Güngör

The Stars Of Kanyon's New Year Concert is The Rat Pack Tribute Band
This year, Kanyon’s Grand New Year Concert welcomes The Rat Pack Tribute Band, a homage to the famous show of the 1950s with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.

The traditional Kanyon Grand New Year Concertwhich draws thousands of visitors every year will host the famous tribute band The Rat Pack from New York.Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. were the members of the original band in 1950s, the spirit of this period will be there in Kanyon with all those unforgettable songs. The Rat Pack Tribute Band will take the stage on Sunday December 27 between 18.00- 20: 00 to sweep Kanyon visitors off their feet.

The band will sing the songs of Frank Sinatra, including "New York, New York", "Fly Me To The Moon", "My Way", "Volare" and "Candy Man", as well as the immortal songs of Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr to welcome in the New Year.
New Year Gift Market


"What gifts can I buy this year?" There are carefully selected gift ideas at Gift Market Kanyon between December 19 and 26, perfect for those who are searching for a different kind of present.

If you’re looking for that special gift for their loved ones, you can head to the Gift Market between December 19 and 26. There are specially selected jewelry, decorations, stationary, vinyl records, toys, and specially designed products all in one place.

Retailers at the gift market will include: Lunapark, one of Turkey’s oldest purveyors of design objects; NYKS offering scented candles; Happy-Nes, which sells personally designed headsets and accessories; Creative home decorations from Dekorazon.com; Kağıt Çocuk, selling old ads and film posters; Mazura accessories for men; handmade Giano Chocolate; Borrn’s timeless, healthy and high-quality enamelware; blankets, dressing gowns and sleep goggles by Bravo Istanbul; Homemade Aromaterapi, offering 100% pure and natural products such as cleansers, healing essential oils, additive-free moisturizers and lavender sleeping dolls; stationery by Dofu Design; Müz’s natural objects, extraordinary plants and handmade designs made of simple materials; Palm House Living’s home decor, pillows, blankets and photo frames; a large selection of vinyl’s from Pantheon Records; Sev's Granola made from all natural products; Envai’s alternative gifts and bags made by the women of Soma; Luzdemia’s personalized jewelry such as glass pendants in which you can insert symbols telling your own story; natural and fruit soaps from Zeytune; handmade design toys by Volare; Yuka Studio’s elegantly designed brass jewels; and wooden toys by Zeytin Çekirdeği .
An Ice Rink in Kanyon
Between December 1 and 17 from 10:00-22:00, Kanyon's guests can enjoy the atmosphere of New York on an ice rink in the event area. The Kanyon Ice Rink mixes silhouettes of the New York skyline with the spirit of Central Park.

Kanyon welcomes its guests to the streets of New York this year. A wealth of surprises is waiting every visitor to Kanyon during December, just like many years before.
"The streets of New York come to Kanyon"
Kanyon is bringing the streets of New York to Istanbul this New Year.

Kanyon welcomes its guests to the streets of New York this year. A wealth of surprises is waiting all visitors to Kanyon during December, just like many years before.

There are many attractions this year, from a "Gift Market" where thousands of shoppers can find those extra special gifts for their nearest and dearest, take a turn in the ice rink and enjoy Kanyon’s New Year Concert while welcoming 2016.

If that wasn’t enough, three lucky shoppers looking for New Year’s gifts at Kanyon have the chance to win a Jeep Renegade, while five lucky couples can win a trip to New York in the yearly Kanyon Traditional New Year’s prize draw.

Grand Prize

All Kanyon visitors can enter the draw with every purchase worth 100 TL or more throughout December.
Three lucky shoppers looking for New Year’s gifts at Kanyon have the chance to win a Jeep Renegade, while 5 lucky couples will win a trip to New York.

"Music All Over Kanyon Vol.2"
"From Friday to Sunday", between "November 27th to 29th"

Once again, every corner of Kanyon will be brought to life with music. At the festival, which will be held for the second time as an event that already earned a spot on the music calendar of Istanbul, different music genres will be played for Kanyon guests with alternative interpretations.


Friday, November 27th
04.30 PM – D&R Deniz Tekin
06.00 PM – Troy Men With A Plan
07.00 PM – Main Stage The Away Days
09.00 PM – Main Stage Gaye Su Akyol

Saturday, November 28th
03.30 PM – Kitchenette Nilipek
05.00 PM – Main Stage Adamlar
06.30 PM – Main Stage Kalben
07.45 PM – GAP Bubituzak
09.00 PM – Main Stage Mabel Matiz

Sunday, November 29th
02.00 PM – In Front of Aeropostale Moda String Trio
03.00 PM – Main Stage Burcu Tatlıses
04.30 PM – Macrocenter Moda String Trio
05.00 PM – Main Stage Birsen Tezer
06.00 PM – Harvey Nichols Moda String Trio
07.00 PM – Vakko Pop Up Store Moda String Trio

'Flowers Holding on to Life' at Kanyon!
Between November 17th and 26th, Kanyon will host an exhibition titled "Flowers Holding on to Life" that will raise awareness about endangered rare endemic plants for a more livable world with the curatorship of Bahar Korçan and the contribution of the TEMA Foundation.

The “Flowers Holding on to Life” exhibition will tell Kanyon guests the touching stories of 18 endemic plants from the point of view of their region in different installations with the curatorship of Bahar Korçan and the support of TEMA. Kanyon guests who will visit the exhibition will get the chance to help protect these endemic plants by making donations to the TEMA Foundation through www.hayatatutunanciceklerkanyonda.com/
Bonvagon Pop-up Store at Kanyon!
From home decoration to stationary, kitchen appliances to accessories, tens of brands and hundreds of products from all over the world are now at the Bonvagon Pop-up Store. And the Bonvagon Pop-up Store is at Kanyon.
Kanyon @Social Media
Wish everywhere was that social.

Kanyon, işletmeye alınmış binalar için uygulanan “BREEAM” kriterleri doğrultusunda tasarım, bina yönetimi ve çevresel performans açısından yapılan değerlendirmeler sonucunda “Olağanüstü” seviyesindeki sertifikayı Türkiye’de alan ilk ticari bina olarak büyük bir başarıya imza attı.

2012 yılında BREEAM kriterleri doğrultusunda değerlendirilerek “Mükemmel” seviyesinde Türkiye’den sertifika alan ilk firma olan Kanyon, bu konudaki başarılarına bir yenisini daha ekledi. İSO 14001 çevre yönetim sistem sertifikasının alınması, 100 panellik güneş enerjisi sisteminin ardından kojenerasyon sisteminin devreye alınması, LED aydınlatmalarının yaygınlaştırılması, akustik ölçümleme ve izolasyonlar, davlumbaz egzost sistemine karbon filtre yapılması ile İTÜ Enerji Enstitüsü işbirliği gibi çalışmalar ile sürekli iyileşmeler yapan Kanyon, “Mükemmel” seviyesindeki sertifikasını, bu alanda en üst seviye olan “Olağanüstü” düzeyine çıkararak Türkiye’de bina yönetimi alanında bu seviyede sertifika alan ilk ticari yapı oldu.

BREEAM Sertifikası Hakkında

BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) ilk olarak 1990'da İngiltere'de kullanılmaya başlanan, güncel olarak dünya genelinde 25 ülkede benimsenen bina çevresel değerlendirme sistemidir. BREEAM sertifikasının amacı bir binanın ne kadar çevreye duyarlı olduğunun standartlara bağlanarak ölçümünün yapılmasıdır. Var olan binalar (BREEAM In-Use) değerlemecisi proje süresince bina ekibi ile çalışmakta ve enerji, su, malzeme, atık, sağlık ve iç hava kalitesi, kirlilik, ulaşım, arazi kullanımı ve ekoloji konularında incelemeler yaparak ölçümlemektedir. Ölçümlemelerin ardından her kriterdeki hedefleri tespit edip binanın bu kriterlere uygunluğunu ortaya koymakta ve standartların altında kalan konuları iyileştirmeye çalışmaktadır. Tüm bu işlemlerin sonunda denetçiler denetlemeyi yapmakta ve sonuçları raporlayarak BRE Global’e iletmektedir.